Bitfortip now supports Tezos to be used as an incentive

Hello everyone,

Bitfortip is a social network that makes use of micropayments to be used as an incentive on it’s social network. From this week it started to support Tezos on the website with the smartphone apps (android and IOS) to follow soon.

How it works:

When users register, they get a unique XTZ address, where they will be able to deposit XTZ in order to fund their account and then offer any amount as an incentive for others to try and help them.

Use case examples to offer XTZ as an incentive:

  • Users will be able to take a picture or upload from their gallery with their smartphone (i.e a dress that they saw someone wearing on a magazine, an item on a TV show, a shoe someone wearing on the streets, e.t.c ) connect it with a XTZ reward of their choice, then upload it to the platform to be visible for everyone else to see.

  • Ask to find a better price for an item / service. Offering $1 in XTZ as an incentive for others to try and help you find a hosting package instead of $100 for $90.

  • Inquire to find specific information like an image/video/link with a XTZ incentive.

  • Help on a coding issue.

  • Market research for specific information → 0.1 $XTZ reward for the following: Looking for accurate data for the Bitcoin price pump between 26 and 28 of July that drove it from 9: to 11K. Largest buy order, which exchange, total volume. what buy order possibly triggered it?

In general, users will be able to post almost any inquiry they want in return for a XTZ tip. And each time they upload an inquiry, they can then share it online with their followers on social media like Twitter,Instagram, Facebook e.t.c so it can get more exposure. Big accounts / influencers can draw a lot of traffic.

First inquiry with a Tezos reward:

If you would like to try it, please feel free to send a PM with the following details

  • username
  • what you would like to post.

So I can credit your account.

Happy tipping ^^