Brest A (PtdRxBHv)

Proposes to make a specific DoS attack to the Tezos storage layer more difficult and improves amendment proposal invoice tracking.


Brest A offers two changes.

The first aims to patch a security issue pertaining to the rehashing performed during the Athens protocol change, given it was not enough to prevent some kinds of attacks. This amendment performs a new rehashing that makes these attacks ineffective. The path length of addresses is increased from 7 to 9, making the attack 65536 times more difficult.

The second aims to make amendment invoice tracking easier. The way amendment invoices were done in the Athens protocol made it difficult to track for external tools, as no balance updates were generated for these invoices. As a consequence, a block explorer could not detect the changes, and the changes had to be added manually. This proposal will enable the changes to be included as balance updates in the first block of the new protocol.

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