Call for testers: The DAL is live on Weeklynet

The Data-Availability Layer (DAL) is now live on Weeklynet. We encourage bakers and rollup operators to try it out and share feedback in comments below.

With the DAL, the Tezos community is essentially launching a new peer-to-peer (P2P) running in parallel with Layer 1. It is important to have a large and varied group of participants, as testing distributed networks is hard, and nothing can compete with a live, realistic testnet.

Notably, we are looking for bakers to test the process of setting up a DAL node, and for rollup operators to experiment with the process of data publication. We aim to create the best possible experience for all parties, and for that we need as much feedback as we can get.

To get you up and running, we have published the following resources:

For more information about the DAL and its path to Mainnet, see our blog post. We look forward to receiving your feedback! :point_down: