Can Tezos survive Tether's demise?

In light of the recent FT article about the growing systemic risk allegedly posed by Tether and Bitfinex, I would like to know the extent to which Tezos is vulnerable to a hypothetical implosion of Bitcoin, and whether its community has been discussing any contingency plan to mitigate its potentially devastating effects on the crypto ecosystem. (Bare in mind that I have very little knowledge in finance and that my question is genuinely candid)

If Tether implodes, BTC will crash and take XTZ with it.

But that’s just the herd mentality pushing the price.

The Tezos network still has funding and will continue to operate. A lot of that funding is in BTC, but I think Tezos Foundation has a significant amount of more stable assets.

In such a scenario, I think Tezos will fare better than competitors.