Carthage (PtCarthav)

Increase the gas limit per block and per operation by 30%, improve the accuracy of the formula used for calculating baking and endorsing rewards and fix various small issues (see changelog).


The Carthage proposal, a joint effort from Nomadic Labs and Cryptium Labs, is referred to as a housekeeping proposal as it focuses on code cleanup, adding optimizations, and fixing small issues rather than adding significant new features. The only novelty is an increase in the gas limit which will allow executing more complex smart contracts:

  • The gas limit per operation was increased from 800,000 to 1,040,000
  • The gas limit per block was increased from 8,000,000 to 10,400,000

Another relevant change is that the formula used for calculating baking and endorsing rewards was improved in order to provide more accurate results:

  • The baking reward formula was changed to make it linear in the number of endorsements included instead of a step function.

Carthage also contains several minor improvements to Michelson.

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I can understand the community’s disappointment by the lack of “cool” features but if we learned anything from the last upgrade, it’s that we need to improve testing, which likely means more time between “cool” upgrades and more housekeeping in the meantime. I urge everyone to vote “Aye”.