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We help artists spread their art with generative AI & akaDrop, a live minting system. Here is one of our successful cases, Chaos & AI Research.

Chaos & AI Research (2023) is an interactive live minting system for everyone to generate unique artworks co-created with AI technology, based on the artist Aluan Wang’s algorithm of Chaos Research (2021). Scanning the QR code and uploading/taking a photo from one’s cell phone, users will be able to create and receive a digital art featuring the algorithm of Chaos Research without any gas fee. CAIR has been showcased in the exhibition Notes From the Ether: From NFTs to AI in ArtScience Museum in Singapore this September, as well as Tezos @ South Beach in Miami Art Week this December.

We apply Stable Diffusion to calculate AI images. For CAIR, we trained 300 editions of Chaos Research on Stable Diffusion for ANNs to learn and generate lots of parameters to produce a model for a specific artistic style. After users upload images on our computing station, we use the model to apply the artist’s style (strokes, hues, tones, etc.) to those images. In addition, we add conditions of ControlNet to keep the contour of the original image and render the generated result.

Since randomness is included in each generation, we let users try once and again until they get a satisfying result before entering the minting process. By logging in with Google account, users can get a wallet address based on Tezos and be airdropped a generative art. The processing time is less than 2 seconds.


akaSwap provides users with complete experience including AI generation and live minting. Contact us to make your art a medium for interaction and co-creation with the public, creating unlimited possibilities for your art!

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I tried the art and the image style was weirdly funny but it was all good. :joy:

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Thank you for liking it!

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