Companies, Investors and Devs rely on development metrics to evaluate the activity and value on a project before getting involved. There is no site providing up to date data for Tezos development

Here are some examples of sites, that provide metrics/data on developer activity for Blockchains.

This topic has been discussed in the past, but lets revisit it please.

What can we do to improve this situation and provide visibility to the developer activity on Tezos?

We can’t expect users, devs, companies & nations to see the value in this ecosystem, if it is displayed as a dead coin without any developer activity after 2019 on every trusted analytics page.






Singe positive example, but not up to date.
Electric Capital


As far as i see, it is the old “we are just able to track Github” problem.
These “serious” portals should also be able to track Gitlab.

There was also an old discussion about mirroring Gitlab to Github. Not sure what the arguments against that was back then.

I would love “a few bold numbers” to show on - open to suggestions what those can be but I agree that it is very hard to sell “look on (whatever that means) and click through the dozen of pages”

  • Number of bakers
  • Number of nodes
  • TPS
  • Costs per standard transactions
  • Transaction volume
  • Timeline with successful upgrades (click to get more info)

It’s in our best interest to have this metric out there.
If we are the only project building on gitlab when every other one is on github, why should they “waste” hours of work on the feature.

We either want potential investors to know we exist and are active and comparable or we don’t.

The current situation hurts the Tezos ecosystem @tezosfoundation

That sure would be cool, but is a different topic.
I want our development efforts to be comparable to other Blockchains. We currently don’t exist for this metric.

Did you get an answer from @tezosfoundation ? Has someone picked it up?

I think it’s very valuable indeed. We know that numbers are easy to play with but until some metrics have to be tracked and shown.

If we look at the Better Call Dev contract calls, this is the metric that is the most reported on Twitter, and gets the more likes/RT!
Let’s add more, we will have more marketing reach!