Converting TF BTC to tzBTC and using as additional baking rewards

Coupling this with the recent proposed TF delegation strategy would result in a massive renewed interest, institutional and retail, in Tezos. Essentially growth hacking/liquidity mining x1000


Think big, they could buy ponies and give ponies to everyone who stakes. No other blockchain does that! Everyone loves a pony, so this would incentivize baking.

Do you want a cryptocurrency that stands on its own legs or do you want a lame giveaway program? Tezos is the former, if you want the latter move on.


why would they give money away?
i can understand how delegating to other bakers (losing only 10% or less in baker’s fees) help the ecosystem, but you literally saying they should give away money.
Converting some of TF’s BTC to tzBTC and usd to a stablecoin later is a great idea. So people can see TF’s confident in products that are built on tezos


Converting to tzBTC and putting them into a DAO structure where the spending is controlled by a similar mechanism as the protocol ratification.

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