Could Tezos entities increase focus on building infographics & tech education videos (rollup, DAL etc) - or incentivise community to do so (even more that it currently does)?

Unfortunately, as everyone notice, Tezos is frequently ignored from the crypto community despite the point of discussion being what Tezos is supposed to be the best at - the TECH

IMO the attitude of “people should know better” only got us that far, we need to focus on visually pleasant material so that we can reach OUTSIDE of the Tezos echochamber.

Celestia is about to launch their Data Availability Layer - Look at the video they sponsored

Tezos will also release their DAL than anyone can use (ETH rollups, Cosmos projects etc), and we don’t have anything nice to share. Nomadic Labs does a stellar job at explaining what DAL is, but they have no reach outside Tezos, the text format is just not something user friendly enough for not tech savvy people.

A nice comparison Celestia vs Tezos DAL could go a long way (we can piggy back on Celestia hype)

Another example
ETH has this public roadmap for years, that they amend. Could we get something similar for Tezos

I know that makes us “centralised” we need to stay relevant, and we need to show we are years ahead of ETH. We know there is an internal roadmap anyway, with the UHT rollup being worked on for example. Also, this roadmap can come from a community member, it does not have to be produced by a tezos entity.

For example I believe Jon Charbonneau made another kind of ETH roadmap material and he is not a core dev

For information, I contacted the Cosmos person that made the Celestia video, telling him that Tezos has an ecosystem DAO for this kind of initiative, but he wasn’t interested being primary a Cosmos fan.

I am not saying this is an easy job to find good Tech influencers that produce good content, and most of them don’t accept payments, but I really think that would help getting Tezos noticed outside of the already convinced crowd.

I suggest people on board to write their list of favourite influencers and we can deep dive in each and reach out to them? I personally like Finematics videos, but I think he paused a bit his activity (bear market)