Critical Reliability Update for all Tezos Nodes

Dear Tezos bakers/validators,

We released a critical reliability update for all Tezos nodes. It fixes a bug in the bindings of an external C library. This bug can cause nodes to crash with a segmentation fault. We strongly encourage you to update your node as soon as possible.

We released version 7.0 which contains the fix.This node can now be used with any network, including Mainnet (the default network), test networks such as Carthagenet & new test networks that will come in the future. For more information including update instructions please visit the official documentation page:

More information regarding the new multi-network node can be found here:

The fix has also been pushed to the mainnet branch. If you are not ready to update to the 7.0 release, you can update as usual with git pull && make .

The commit hash of the 7.0 release is 4053147fe577e9a04a5a09634a5645b2e26343e0
The commit hash of the new mainnet branch is f0607f4b1f8c0f2a0a48adb4bc76378406203714

Special thanks to all users who submitted detailed bug reports.