CryptoCount - Tezos - A Block Rewards Accounting Extension For Income Tax Reporting

Development Update For CryptoCount:

CryptoCount - The Accounting Extension For Block Rewards

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Hello! We’re happy to share our development blog for our debut project called “CryptoCount” - a block rewards accounting application that allows you to realize your block rewards in your country’s fiat currency for income tax reporting.

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Hello! TLDR; CryptoCount development is on schedule! Read on for details!

We’re pleased to inform the Tezos community that development for CryptoCount is on schedule and progressing past our first milestone - core technology development.

Our team at the Portal To Blockchain Organization has constructed the core framework of the system. Our api server client dialogue is approaching finalization. Our external data fetching is nearly complete. The specific architecture of our databases and their relationships with the main backend server is also near completion.

We now look ahead to April where we will transition from mostly core development to user graphics and Tezos ecosystem integration.

We think that you in the community will be happy to use CryptoCount for two reasons:

(sub) TLDR; 1) CryptoCount is super easy to use. 2) CryptoCount saves you money!

  1. CryptoCount is designed for functionality. Accounting is made visual and simple in CryptoCount. Your rewards will be tracked asynchronously, awaiting you to realize them over a basis price in your country’s fiat currency. Our graphics and live realization tools makes the app pleasing, even for accounting.

  2. CryptoCount saves users money by helping them report lower amounts of reward income. In addition to accounting your rewards over a basis, you can also depreciate your rewards, live and visualized, for the most optimized and accurate accounting.

In conclusion, we are honored to work for and with the Tezos community to deliver the best software possible.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to get in touch about the project!


We are pleased to announce the completion of Milestone 1. Milestone 1 is the core technology development for CryptoCount.

This faze of the project entailed of scaling our database to hold 40 fiat prices, marketCaps, user accounts, user analysis realization histories, and more.

On the front end, this faze entailed having users select their country’s fiat currency and basis date via a calendar selector with all necessary contextual info, in order for a user to observe their block reward analysis.

On the back end, this faze meant developing the analysis function and its corresponding dependency functions. This meant generating and using a complex query set from the baking bad api. The delegator block rewards are fully analyzed and are prepared for user toggling and playing by this faze of the project.

Please check out our blog to read more and find the link to our GitHub!