Cryptoverse Wars - an immersive course to learn DApp development using SmartPy - Project Update

Hello to the wonderful Tezos community,

You might be familiar with Cryptoverse Wars - an immersive course that guides new learners through series of coding tasks to understand the intricacies of writing smart contracts using SmartPy.

My team (BUIDL Labs) launched the first phase of Cryptoverse Wars in May, 2020 and over the past 6 months, we have onboarded around 1.8k users to the platform (~300/month) and Week 1 retentions has stabilized at 8%. This is all organic traffic.

The story is simple, some aliens have invaded the earth and you need to build a “Cryptobot” to destroy them.

The best part about our journey has been getting to hear such feedback from the community and doing our bit to get more people developing on Tezos:

At the moment, our team is developing a more ambitious phase 2 which covers the entire lifecycle of smart contract developer i.e from writing -> testing -> deploying -> interacting with deployed contracts.

Phase 2 content v1 draft links - consists of 3 core modules:

  1. (7 chapters)
  2. (6 chapters)
  3. (10 chapters)

We are also experimenting with the idea of NFT’s to give learner’s something to vye towards completing the course. We are converting our 2D cryptobots to 3D collectables and plugging them into FA2 tokens.

An early experiment is here:

Excited to share our progress so far and looking forward in getting community’s feedback.

As always gratitude to Charlie, FFF, Rodrigo, Rocco for helping us out whenever we got stuck :smiley: