Dapp for re-planting trees (and keep track of them) in Rainforest

A friend of mine who lives in New York is looking for a blockchain development team to create a dapp to allow people all over the world to (re)plant trees in Rainforest and keep track of them (using blockchain). She works for United Nations and apparently has already the needed funds to do it (so she is not looking for a grant).

I tried reaching out TQGroup without much success. I thought about them at first because my friend is based in New York so it would make it easier for her.

Which Tezos development team should I put her in contact with to build that project? Nomadic Labs?

Thanks in advance.

Why is a blockchain needed to record this information? A simple website + SQL database would solve her problem just fine.

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Yup, just building on blockchain for the sake of it does not make much sense :slight_smile: