dApp + WebApp = djWebdApp

Django is a great web application framework “for perfectionists with deadlines”.

A dApp is an app running on the blockchain: a smart contract on which users can call functions on.

This module provides blockchain support for Django, for reading and/or writing the blockchain, with the following features usable independently:

  • blockchain indexer
  • private key vault
  • blockchain writer
  • blockchain data normalization
  • multiple blockchain support (tezos & ethereum so far)
  • inter-blockchain contract synchronisation
  • metamask authentication backend (TBA)

In addition to these features, djWebdApp differenciates itself from indexers like dipdup because it is extensible: it’s just a module you add to your Django project like any other Django App, in which you can add models, endpoints, and have an admin interface for free, and so on, benefiting from the vast Django ecosystem of apps.

Documentation for DjWebDapp: Django + Blockchain = <3
Tezos tutorial video demo
Ethereum tutorial video demo
Source code