Decentralized Social Content Platform with built-in Revenue Sharing


Create the biggest web3 social content platform. Basically Reddit where every post is a NFT and can be sold/collected/advertised. Advertisers can create their own content and bribe them with Tezos tokens for sponsored posts. Content Creators earn a share of all fees/bribes generated (Post2Earn).

Value proposition

Existing web model leader Reddit has 430m monthly active users. In contrast at our platform every article/content is automatically a NFT minted. With the success of the platform there would be a enourmous amount of contract calls generated (NFT minted/collected, Ad-Bribes added/collected).

Additionally a lot of shared links will be leading to a Tezos backed project that makes it easy to onboard new users to Tezos. With using Social-Login (Kukai) this process is also easy & smooth, even for non-crypto users. We aim to support a gas-free content creation option by storing data in a Message offchain & minting the NFT once the first collector mints (Or incentivize with our token). Meaning users have the option to post content that will become a NFT without having a Tezos Wallet (Kukai) or Browserextension and without first needing to buy Tez for gas.

About Us

I’m known as Relaixo at Tezos and our team is located in Europe & has over 2 years experience on Tezos & created two own projects on Tezos:

Requested Funds & Use of Funds

We request 10.000 Tez. The funds will get used mainly for developement, infrastructure & marketing.

This is not the full amount that this project would need. But it would be the kickstart our team needs to build a fully functional Version1 with revenue sharing mechanism that is already self sufficient & generating fees from which on we can build V2 with a lot more features we have in mind.

Currently we are in the early stages of development and we aim to release the V1 in Q1-2024. This is our current front-end draft:

Funding Wallet & Socials

Wallet will get added later. You can contact me on Twitter @relaixo
Happy to answer your questions.


I think this project is an excellent idea, and the arguments put forward make it entirely credible. The care taken to make it accessible to users who don’t have a wallet is a real asset. This product could add a lot of value to Tezos.


Seems like I can’t edit the original post anymore. That’s why I’m adding the funding wallet here: tz1R5axjLyeCZEmejBM4RnFouwLSJ4UncKdc

Looks like a great way of getting Tezos Content out there. Well done on making a good valueproposal


Very interesting and innovative proposal!

I can say that I for one would love to see it come to life and would very much be interested in using it, both as an artist-creator and a collector-buyer. One thing that automatically pops into my mind is I’d love to use it for writing short educational articles on art history, tutorials for minting on the tezos blockchain, tutorials on how to market your art and many many more.

I’ve known Relaixo for almost a year now and I can say that he always delivered as promised and I fully support and trust him.

Good luck Relaixo I really very much hope your proposal gets accepted.

Best wishes


I believe Tezos would benefit from such a platform, not just it’s current users, but also be a good onboarding tool for other to enter this community. It has the potential of going viral.
The value proposition makes sense, the funds requested seem appropriate and Relaixo has already successful projects build in Tezos.
If I could vote, would be a :+1:


I like the idea behind this. I do think it should be built using a Rollup and that it needs mechanisms for content moderation and governance. I have an idea for something similar. I have a draft here:

It’s not ready to put forward as a proposal yet, just wanted to put some ideas out there. :blush: :pray:

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