Decreasing number of active bakers

Hi, I’m a Community Lead of Delegation Service and Tezocracy Baker. Earlier I expressed my concern about decreasing number of bakers on reddit, and this thread caused a lively discussion, so, I’m crossposting the message here:

Earlier we published a fresh Weekly Metrics Report on Tezos blockchain.

And regarding the report I’d like to express my personal concern about the dropping number of active delegators.We’ve been making this report since August, and I noticed that active bakers amount is constantly decreasing, while the number of delegators is growing. August 21 there were 418 active bakers and 65,446 delegators, now there are 403 and 72,665 respectively. You can check all our reports:

Aug 21

Aug 28

Sep 04

Oct 03

Oct 15

Has this issue been addressed before? Is it fine?

Tezos is an extensive and strong project, but it seems to me that the ecosystem may not be very friendly for new bakers. I also noticed it’s really hard even for us to get noticed by the community and offer new products, content and simply participate in community life.


Bottom line is the interest in Tezos is falling, especially after some other projects launched(like DOT). What can we do about it? We as users and “members” of the Tezos community not so much more. We are already advertising Tezos on daily basis via comments, retweets, blog posts, etc. Problem is this is happening in a circle of people that are already in Tezos.
I think that the only solution to stop this decline is a better brand management and brand building. We already have the best blockchain with awesome devs out there. The only thing missing is better brand positioning.
And ofc the implementation of privacy and finality into Tezos ASAP.


I don’t think this is concerning.
It’s not easy to be a good Public Baker, and i think a lot of bakeries are starting to see that. It’s not just about making blocks and regular payments while charging a small fee (which is already hard), but i can see a lot of delegators choosing their bakeries also based on more factors, like:

  • Community engagement;
  • Participation in the governance (which need some study and research to do it properly);
  • Other activities by the bakerie (like Tezos.Rio developing TEZOSJ_SDK or even reports);

There is also the “competition” against exchanges. It’s easier for newbies to simply hold their XTZ in the same place where they bought it (and a lot more factors, of course).
The competition is getting fierce, so i think this is a phase where we will some bakeries closing down.
There was a impressive growth in the number of delegators, and i think that’s what matters for the network at this point.

This number will go up again when other numbers go up, like transactions made per block (fees) and the price of $xtz.


I expect to see more bakers return when the interest returns. I’m hoping that when Edo is injected, erc-20 tokens are brought on board, and all the other huge releases hit this month we will see an influx in both developers and bakers. I am by no means worried about the health of the chain but would like to get back to the good ole’ days of nothing but excitement surrounding Tezos. When the excitement comes back, so do the bakers. There is a ton to be excited about right now if you look at the projects releasing in the next month so I would expect it shouldn’t be long.