Decreasing roll size

Would love to encourage more bakers.

Are Nomadic Labs or others thinking of or experimenting with decreasing the size of a roll down to 4000 or 2000?

Is there too much of a computational requirement, or are there other technical factors preventing another decrease?


This has been discussed ad nauseam on reddit. I’d search there for conversations and reasons both technical and non-technical. Tldr; no, it’s not going to happen.


Thanks, I’m aware of the past discussions and reasons given. There hasn’t been much discussion here on Agora. Arthur had also said something to the effect that decreasing roll size in half wouldn’t be hard to do.

Imo, endorsements are an advantage for tezos in that we can encourage more small bakers with consistent rewards. If I remember correctly, tenderbake would also decrease the variance in rewards so it could be good timing to decrease roll size before then or at the same time.