Delphi (PsDELPH1K)

Improve performance of the Michelson interpreter and the gas model to improve gas costs, reduce storage costs by a factor of 4, and fix various small bugs (see changelog).


The Delphi proposal, a joint effort from Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Gabriel Alfour, is an interim protocol proposal focused on performance and gas improvements in order to help individuals developing smart contracts on Tezos.

Delphi’s changes include optimizations to the amount of computation per unit of gas:

  • Gas costs for all instructions have been recomputed
  • The cost model for IOs has been updated
  • The typechecking system has an entirely new cost model
  • The base gas cost of manager operations has been reduced from 10,000 to 1,000 units of gas

Additional changes have been made to lower storage costs as well:

  • Tez burned to store data in the ledger’s state has been decreased by a factor of 4, going from 1 tez to 0.25 tez per kilobyte

This update also includes bug fixes addressing compatibility with 32-bit platforms, and field annotations in Michelson types. Additionally, Delphi also contains general code cleanup and refactoring, and improvements to the safety of Michelson.

This proposal will be followed by an additional proposal in several months that will include support for features on the Dalphanet test network including Sapling, baking accounts, and more.

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