Delphi transactions limited by data length

I understand that the amount of gas per per byte was decreased with Delphi and long ago the max gas per block was raised to 10,400,000. I was expecting this combination to allow 2-4x more transactions per batch operation, but there appears to be a new limit "max_operation_data_length":16384

Now, this constant is not new to delphi or to carthage. However, it is new in the sense that it has never impacted me before with my batch payouts. I recently tried to increase the size of my batches from 200 to 800. I received this response from tezos-node:

Oversized operation (size: 31852, max: 16384)

After many trial/error, I was only able to increase my batch size from 200 to 250.

How are we, Tezos, expected to have 1000’s of tps if single batches are limited by their character length (16k)? Is there some way of compressing or representing transactions another way that reduces the amount of “text” required?

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Yep Compressed transactions


Ok. So nothing that can be done “now” to improve. Compressed transactions would require code changes to node to handle the new format.
But even as you said in the post, still limited to 700 txns. Is there some technical reason for a 16KB byte limit per operation?

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The point of Delphi wasn’t to increase TPS. The point was to enable more complex smart contracts. The fact that Delphi also increases TPS is a nice bonus but there is still much that can be improved on this topic.

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