DID|Cases supported by Taiwan government

akaSwap provides not only user-friendly marketplace and martech tools, but also professional technical support. Last year, akaSwap participated in the development of three Proof of Concept projects initiated by the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MoDA) of Taiwan regarding Decentralized Identifiers (DiD): Taiwan DID, RXCA, and RiverCare.

Taiwan DID

Taiwan DID is a bridging service that integrates TW FidO (Financial Fast Identity Online) with W3C DIDs and Verifiable Credentials (VC) standards. The user’s identity is linked to a specified decentralized identity after verifying a user’s Taiwanese residency through TW FidO.

This project supports the binding of TW FidO to Ethereum Address and Semaphore Identity. The Ethereum Address credential is tied to a user’s Ethereum Address, recording that an Ethereum Address holder is a Taiwanese resident. This is particularly useful for cryptocurrency exchanges that need to confirm not only the user’s Taiwanese residency but also the link between a Taiwanese resident and a specific Ethereum address. By verifying the credential and confirming TW DID as the issuer, exchanges can be assured that TW DID has authenticated the user’s Taiwanese residency using TW FidO and the Ethereum address associated with them.

After TW DID has verified through TW FidO, Semaphore allows a holder to prove through its zero-knowledge proof that they have passed TW FidO authentication as a Taiwanese resident. The verification process does not require disclosure of the holder’s identity, neither the issuer nor the verifier can identify which Taiwanese resident is being verified during the verification process. It can be used for anonymous national online surveys, or digital content subscription services that offer different pricing and content in multiple countries, without needing to collect any personal data.


RXCA stands for Resilience miXed organization Certification Authority, which are credentials issued by the Taiwanese government to organizations and groups for online identity verification. This project further explores how emerging DAOs should apply to the government, to become government-approved entities and enjoy the validity of the certificates. After approval by the official department’s wallet, a soulbound token will be issued to the DAO’s governance wallet, serving as the decentralized version of the physical XCA certificate.


Rivercare explores how to use blockchain smart contract technology to endow rivers with identity, and using a LLM-based chat interface to make the personalities of abstract entities more vivid.

The process of identity formation is achieved through a method based on DAOs co-governance, combined with the concept of “care activities.” Stewards must continuously participate in these care activities during the iteration process to get the proof of participation (SBT) and maintain the existence of the river’s identity. In practice, a multi-signature wallet serves as the medium for exercising the rights and initiating transactions associated with this identity. The project chooses Tezos as the demonstration blockchain. The proposed mechanism, while demonstrated using rivers, is also applicable to natural entities or groups, historical sites, landscapes, concepts, and even calls to action, etc.

More interesting cases regarding DID to come in 2024. Contact us if you’re interested in collaboration: service@akaswap.com

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Good use cases for DID. From your post it seems the feature are available only in Ethereum . Any plans to introduce them in Tezos


Hi, the three cases are proof of concept and they’re actually off-chain.
For Tezos you can refer to the third one: RiverCare, which chooses Tezos as the demonstration blockchain.


Well, the last one, RiverCare, seems very much alive on the Tezos Ghostnet. I wouldn’t say it’s off-chain. :smile: