Do we need a Liquidity Baking sunset anymore?

Now that @rafoo has made an incredibly robust Liquidity Baking toggle (see: Symmetric Liquidity Baking Escape Vote) it seems like setting an arbitrary block height in the protocol that “sunsets” (ends) Liquidity Baking is unnecessary.

I think a better option is to manage liquidity baking outside of the protocol update process, via the toggle mechanism. I’d love to hear the community’s thoughts.


I fully agree, this is an excellent mechanism. Much more responsive than protocol updates and can be used in the future for other features; best that bakers get familiar with it.

It would be great if we could use @rafoo’s toggle design as a standard for future functionality that requires a toggle. Maybe it could even be made into an easily reusable library.

I’m very shocked no one has opposed this idea, after all the friction LB has caused in the past. If no one cares to oppose then we should remove the sunset period in an upcoming release.

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I still opposed to LB with tzBTC, is just a waste of money. Hasn’t helped anything, and people should be seriously thinking in turning LB off while we wait for a better asset like USDC or USDT until trying LB with any of those.

For anyone not trusting USDT, FULL audit is in progress

I respect your right to an opinion.

The point I’m trying to make is that because of the toggle, there is now a very fair and very permanent mechanism for other bakers to opt-out of Liquidity Baking. It’s a toggle-governed feature.