Edonet: Call for Participation

We plan to start a test network for the protocol proposal Edo very soon. This new test network, called Edonet, will replace Ebetanet, which was a test network for a beta version of Edo.

If you want you can participate as a bootstrap peer and/or as a bootstrap baker. In both cases, this is a commitment that you’ll stay as long as the network lives. This is not necessary to participate in the network: in any case you will be able to get funds from the faucet.

  • To participate as a bootstrap peer, you’ll have to start a node built from future version 8.0~rc2 which will be released with the Edonet configuration. This node will be used by other nodes as one of its initial peers, so it must be reachable (be careful with NATs in particular) and should run for as long as Edonet is active. Send us the DNS or the public IP address of your future node to participate. Also send us the port if you do not plan to use the default one.

  • To participate as a bootstrap baker , you’ll have to start a node and a baker, also built from future version 8.0~rc2. Your baker should run for as long as Edonet is active. Send us the public key (starting with edpk) of your future baker to participate.

:point_right: If you wish to participate, please send your bootstrap peer IP addresses and bootstrap baker public keys before 12:00 CET on Friday (Nov. 27th). If all goes well, the goal is to have the 8.0~rc2 release candidate ready and to start Edonet around the beginning of next week. Please be ready to start your node and baker around that time, as if your bootstrap baker does not bake, this will slow down the network until your baker is no longer considered active.

:round_pushpin:To participate please contact us at Tezos Baking Slack channel on #test-networks.


What’s the computer minimal requirements to run a bootstrap peer?

Thanks for your question @Tezos-Hunter, the computer minimum requirements to run a bootsrap peer is : 4 core 4 Go of RAM 40 Go SSD drive.

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