Entrypoint statistics dashboards on The Stack Report

We’ve got a new set of Tezos dashboards on The Stack Report.

Designed primarily for developers and analysts, these dashboards provide a high-level overview of the Tezos network, segmenting the on-chain transaction data based on the name of the entrypoint in transactions rather than constructs such as accounts or dApps.

There is an announcement for it on the thestackreport.xyz itself:


Keeping it relatively high level for this post as a place to discuss, answer questions and gather potential feedback if anyone has any.

The thinking behind it is to more quickly get statistics on various types of transaction activity coming from multiple smart contracts at once. For example how many transfers have occurred in total, how many tokens have been minted, bids have been placed etc on the Tezos chain in full. In a lot of cases the entrypoint names across multiple smart contracts will actually be the same or at least similar for a variety of these actions.

The idea was then, what if we simply did a SELECT * FROM transactions GROUP BY ‘entrypoint’. Creating transaction datasets and then aggregate statistics for each distinct entrypoint name in use on Tezos. Went down the rabbit hole to set up a data pipeline which can actually do this leveraging a self-hosted TzKT indexer as data source. Then put together dashboards to visualise the output datasets. That’s basically what this announcement comes down to. The article goes deeper into the various nuances when interpreting the statistics.

Beyond the aggregate stats, it also turned out to be a way to explore how developers express functionality in the various names used for entrypoints and a starting point to visualise how smart contracts are engineered in networks to provide composable functionality.

Above, the announcement has been linked already. Here the link to go directly to the entrypoints search page: