EZChain - Tezos Ecosystem DAO Proposal

EZChain Proposal

Project Lead

Arri Jabba


GeniusTeam, LLC

Project Name



What is EZChain?

EZChain is a custom appchain built on Tezos L2. It’s going to be a casino. A very fast casino.

Gambling has amazing PMF in crypto. Our plan is to make our own chain and run multiple games on EZChain with our own structure. The appchain thesis is catching on; we see better long-term stability in building our own chain, rather than waiting on etherlink or osiris. As we develop our appchain, we will run one-off rollup games to enter the market quickly.

We are the only team actively developing real, end-user applications on Tezos rollups. Tezos is losing momentum with rollups in the greater crypto ecosystem and someone must build on them at some point.

We have the only end-to-end DApp MVP built on Tezos L2, and have showcased it multiple times in public. Going further, we plan on doing first-of-its-kind work into scaling instant-play, account abstraction, and onchain multiplayer. Help us ship it on Tezos, and the whole ecosystem thrives from our research.

We already have a ton of marketing content produced, and we’ve finished up a small token sale as the project left stealth. The brand is simple, professional, and carries no baggage.

We designed EZChain to be our spearhead in the battle for acquiring and retaining users from outside of Tezos.

Why EZChain?

Grants work best for projects that are aimed at generating recurring revenue. The EZChain goal is to achieve this state. Revenue generation means that we won’t need to request any more grants.

One major fallacy of the grant system is that many projects get abandoned once the cash dries up, due to the lack of revenue generation. We’ve all seen this story play out many times on Tezos.

EZChain needs launch funding, but then will be able to stand on its own through fees and usage.

Background & Experience

Our Tezos-focused development group, Genius Contracts, has shipped more features on mainnet than any other team. We build at the forefront of Tezos technology, and always attempt to use the new features that the core development team releases.

We’ve made every type of DApp, done every type of sale, and have been among the Tezos elite for years. There is a reason we are still around and consistently shipping new features, while standing on our own without any centralized funding or support.

We would be thrilled to build EZChain on Tezos, but there are increased development costs and platform risks to doing so. With decentralized launch funding, we can get to revenue generation faster and start being a major value-add to the Tezos ecosystem.


Twitter Handles

Founder: @FounderJabba
Company: @GeniusTeamHQ
Project: @ezchain_io

Use of Funds

30000 XTZ
10000 XTZ - Rollup Bond
10000 XTZ - Audit
10000 XTZ - Infrastructure (1 year)

($EZ Token Sale proceeds to be used for UI/UX design)

Tez address to be funded

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Great proposal :pinched_fingers: I dig the project and would love to see more gambling dapps on tezos. Looking forward to this :crossed_fingers:

  • 10k tezos seems incredibly low for an audit, and one for such a huge system in a potentially dangerous area. Have you received a quote from a company for this amount?

  • The current site has a link to try the beta, but is not working. Can this be fixed so we can see what its like?

  • Your team has a lot of projects on the go, some hardly get mentioned anymore, how do you plan to manage the existing projects while taking on such a large new one?

  • I think someone mentioned previously that the beta launched with a custom wallet as none of the major ones supported it yet. Is there a plan to fix this? Have you spoken to wallet developers? Agreed on any new standards etc?


Who are your team members? Is it just you? Seems like a very large project for just one person with so many other things to manage.

How do you plan to compete with sidechains like Etherlink?

What happen with the previous funding TF offered you to build EZChain?

I would also love to see a response to @simonmcl comments

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As someone who has led and released projects with audits before, I know how much they cost.

It costs money to run the infrastructure, so it’s down right now. You can see simple gameplay videos on the twitter account to see how fast onchain settlement happens.

Yes, my team does alot of things. We’re good at it.

Tell “someone” to check their records it’s a normal tez wallet. Sorry to disappoint.

My team is not doxxed. And I will not dox. Decentralized development is a pain in the ass and even worse when public-facing.

Etherlink is the 50th ETH L2. EZChain is a unique appchain with it’s own messaging system that can do more, specifically for gaming, since it’s a fully custom kernel. I don’t see an issue here.

I really hate working with TF, as they enjoy leaking private information to folks who don’t even work there.

Either way, I’m going to be pivoting EZChain to modular, likely building on top of Celestia for DA and possibly Solana for VM. The addressable market for gaming on Tezos is literally in the hundreds. Also, I didn’t realize when I posted this that this DAO was controlled via TF multisig so arther probably is gonna tank it anyhow.

Still, I appreciate the feedback and hope for the best with the ecosystem DAO <3

I know how much they cost

I’ve been through several myself and have never been quoted less than 5 figures, and they were for apps i’d consider much smaller than this. You’ve mentioned that you have your own unique kernel and the link you showed is to a casino style app which would have all kinds of regulations and security risks. I’m very surprised a company would quote so low for so many things needed to be reviewed. What company have you been using or plan to use for this?

Tell “someone” to check their records it’s a normal tez wallet

I saw something on twitter about the first launch, saying they couldn’t use their existing wallet and had to create one. So this is not true or was misleading in some way? You can use Beacon and any Beacon supported wallet e.g. Kukai/Temple/AirGap etc? The video you linked too is only 12 seconds and doesn’t show this bit

My team is not doxxed. And I will not dox

Nobody is asking to dox your team, I think its fairly common to know who is in receipt of the money when asking for an investment. Refusing to share this is a major red flag for me

didn’t realize when I posted this that this DAO was controlled via TF multisig

TF only holds 1 of 5 keys, and only 3 votes are needed to secure funding. This is not true, and unhelpful comments

Regarding TF controlled I would agree on this part. TF donated 90%+ of the funds. And other members are other parties that directly get funded by TF (i.e. Tezoscommons). Also there is only closed communication why they vote and no feedback on proposals by any party yet.

On the other hand it’s completely new and work in progress. Also from what I heard in Discord, the goal in the future seems to be to either add more parties to the multisig or somehow let holders/bakers vote. Imho this needs to be a community vote. Other Chains like Cardano have working On-chain treasurys and decentralized voting for funding with that money live and working for years.