Feedback from contract for presentation in wallet

I am new :wave: so far loving tezos, so sorry if I’m asking about something obvious that I’ve missed. I’ve asked a couple of places before I came here.

I am wondering about the possibility to provide feedback to wallet-users of the effects of the Michelson contracts from the contract itself.

The use-cases I can think of are simple:

  • Check that you entered the correct parameters. ("[Contract-1] Will transfer 11 xyz token to tz123abc…")
  • Give warnings for non-default calling of entry-points, or non-default parameters or operators. ("[Contract-2] Warning: The newly minted token will be non-transferrable.")

As their only purpose is to notify users of effects and edge cases, informational strings produced by a contract does not need to be saved and can be gathered from simulation or replay of the contract execution.

Some cons include that the feedback from contracts might lull the user in a false sense of security, but if that is clarified in the wallet app it should at least not make the situation worse ?

I can’t see a way to do it, and I can’t see why it shouldn’t be possible. Am I mistaken and this is possible now, or has it been rejected in the past/or is it under consideration? I am think this would be a useful feature.