Florence, the latest Tezos upgrade, is LIVE

This is a joint announcement from Nomadic Labs, Marigold, DaiLambda and Tarides.

On 11 May 2021, the Tezos blockchain successfully upgraded by adopting Florence at block #1,466,369. Florence was jointly developed by Nomadic Labs, Marigold, DaiLambda and Tarides. It follows the Edo protocol upgrade three months ago, and will be the sixth Tezos upgrade in two years (overviews here and here).

Florence includes several bug fixes and small improvements and includes the following substantive changes:

  • Depth First Execution Order: Florence changes the calling convention to depth first execution order, making smart contract development easier and more intuitive.

  • Increased Maximum Operation Size: Florence increases the maximum size of an operation to 32kB (from 16kB in Edo). In particular, this roughly doubles the maximum size of a smart contract, which may be relevant to developers with complex smart contract applications.

  • Gas Optimizations: The gas accounting subsystem includes further optimizations. Notably, gas consumption is computed using saturation arithmetic, leading to significant speedups and efficiencies.

  • No More Test Chain: The test chain is removed, simplifying the amendment protocol, and voting periods are renamed as follows:

Edo Florence
Proposal Proposal
Testing_vote Exploration
Testing Cooldown
Promotion_vote Promotion
Adoption Adoption

The Florence protocol amendment, and related updates, were developed by programmers from Nomadic Labs, DaiLambda, Marigold, Tarides; and by an external contributor, Keefer Taylor, to whom the proposals grant an invoice of ꜩ100 for his merge request that increased the maximum operation size.

Congratulations and welcome to the Tezos blockchain, Florence!

In the next few weeks we intend to inject our next proposal Granada, with yet more interesting features, large and small. Stay tuned, and happy baking!