Forbes recent mention of Tezos zombie chain

“Little used blockchain with massive treasury reserve”
That is how Forbes summarised Tezos.

Many use this to attack and not invest in these blockchains.

However as most will agree, i don’t believe it is warranted.
Tezos has massively developed since the early days, pioneered many features and still is regarded as a state of the art blockchain.
Speaking about art, Tezos has one of the biggest artscenes on any blockchain.

The problem i believe lies with the low exposure of news, adoption, new features, dApps., however, writes great articles, almost on a daily basis, highlighting adoption, Upgrades, new features, dApps and much more!

The only problem is, is that it isn’t reaching the broader crypto enthusiasts!

Let’s be fair, would you read Or I highly doubt it!
So who reads
Only people that are already interested in #Tezos!

Then what do people read and follow?

  • CoinDesk
  • Cointelegraph
  • Forbes

What else?
Tiktok influencers
X influencers

Get articles out there!