Funding for the first two proposals to use tez-based voting approved!

The first two proposals to utilize the new tez-based voting feature have been approved by the community! Voting was open to anyone holding XTZ, allowing the community to directly participating in providing input aside from just Agora discussions. Congratulations to the approved proposals:

Tez Capital: Resolving Delegator Payment Issues in Paris (12k tez) - Tezos Homebase
Agora Post

Bootstrapping Tezos Community Profiles (3.5k tez): Tezos Homebase
Agora Post

The Ecosystem DAO signers will immediately move to vote on and approve the on-chain transfer to the winning proposals. We will evaluate the turnout thus far, and seek to continue to improve the utilization of the tez-based voting feature and increase participation.


Fantastic :partying_face: