Get Tezos added to TheGraph and CovalentHQ open blockchain API

Hi All, and are two projects that provide open API’s that make blockchain data available to query. This is an enormously useful development resource. supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and others. supports those plus Polkadot and others. Could the Tezos Foundation make efforts to get Tezos on both of those platforms? It would be a useful resource and also a great way for developers to discover Tezos!

All the best!


I agree it would be great to have Tezos tokens and contracts available there.

We (Agile Ventures) are currently working on dappetizer (framework for building a dapp/token indexers) and together with ECAD Labs team on TezGraph.

With our planning, it looks like we will have time to start working on TheGraph and/or Covalent possible integrations in Q1/2022 at the earliest.

If anyone wants to start working on this sooner, please reach out to us so - we’ll help in any way we can.


Thanks Andrew for that info and the TezGraph link! :+1: