GetBlock Deploys Tezos (XTZ) Blockchain Nodes for Web3 Development

GetBlock adds support for Tezos blockchain nodes

Tezos first proposed in a white paper in 2014, is known globally as a powerful and forward-looking platform for dApp development and smart contract coding. The network’s unique Liquid Proof-of-Stake protocol allows all users to vote or delegate their voting power to another peer. LPoS has proven its effectiveness and ingenuity over the years.

Therefore, Web3 developers are actively using Tezos and building decentralized products based on the blockchain. The best, most time and resource efficient way to connect to the Tezos ecosystem is to run a Tezos node hosted by GetBlock. Tezos’ dedicated and shared nodes are typically provided by GetBlock clients.
A variety of Web3 applications can be built with dedicated nodes, as this option means clients can decide on their own node infrastructure requirements. In addition to unlimited requests, customers can choose their own node server geolocation, use the RPC API interface, get 24/7 technical support, and more.

Tezos Shared Node is the first choice for beginners and early product developers in Web3 technology. Users share node infrastructure with other peers and have the opportunity to effectively experiment with their decentralized products under realistic blockchain conditions

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