GME and AMC - What does this do for tokenizing assets?

Will all the uproar over the stocks of GME and AMC. I wanted to how each of you felt this might impact, good or bad, the idea of tokenizing an asset.

If you missed it, I highly suggest you look into what’s happening to to the market involving Game Stop and AMC movie theaters. In short, retail investors have banded together and successfully squeezed short positions of, now, multiple billion dollar hedge funds… Successfully.

This is a pretty interesting video of banter between two sides on CNBC

Now, what does that do for companies wanting to tokenize assets or even shares of their business. It would put more power into the hands of the retail investor and reduce the risk of being squeezed by hedge hedge funds that simply try to drown companies. I think it could open a lot of doors but I’m not entirely sure the infrastructure of cryptocurrency trading could even sustain the volume of more than a few companies.

Long story short, I’d like to know how Tezos can help or hurt corporations by entering the tokenized trading market for corporations. If you think it’s good, I’d love for your ideas on how we can move forward on the Tezos Ecosystem to start implementing it. If it’s bad, what could we do to make it better? How could we spin it to strengthen and increase our stance in the market. It’s a big topic getting a lot of attention. If we can help, let’s ride the media hype and bring the attention home.

Awesome Video from Arthur on this. Thanks!

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