Here is the simple chain analysis path, that the TF is using to sell XTZ on us, we ask for clarification, but they remain silent

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The reddit tezos admins censored it.

I still will copy and paste the Reddit contents here.

Baker number 6 sends 2.35 million XTZ to this address TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch there, they send multiple transactions to this KT1 smart contract.

TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch SC withdraws to this address (see entrypoint do)

TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch From there they send to DUMP addresses


Another example with TF baker number 7:

Again they send 2.35 million XTZ to this address

This address, withdraws to the same KT1 SC

Which withdraws to, you guess:

All TF bakers lead to the same address that connects them all

From there, they send to DUMP addresses that send XTZ to all major exchanges.

Tezos foundation has been asked multiple times to clarify these transactions, but they remain silent.

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They can do as they wish with the funds they already have as far as I’m concerned. There are plenty of great things lately and they had to be paid for. Even the lack of daily and/or operational transparency, that’s fine, keep doing the bi-yearly reports, we all love them!

The important thing is stopping the foundation bakers and letting the network stand on its own, in regards of voting and security (kinda of the same thing but alas). It doesn’t have to be done in one fell swoop. It can be as simple as stopping 1 @tezosfoundation baker every 6 months on a pre-defined schedule. Just announce one time, 10 sentences max and let the LITERAL FERVOR OF EXCITEMENT IN ALL 7 REALMS take care of the rest of the communication and work for you.

It’s not conservative to not plan for the retirement of the Tezos Foundation bakers, it’s foolish and anything but decentralized-minded. If you wanna wear the big decentralization pants, you have to take the big decentralization steps. Let me tell you, I would love to brag about how much more decentralized Tezos is getting, over what I’m already bragging.

This will not get easier with time. Quit playing games with our hearts and make a plan for this project.

(note: If someone is indeed planning for this, that’s awesome and great (and thank you) but we’re still back in decentralization nightmare land because without communication things are the hardest in a place where openness and constant communication are the norm for success. Please decide, vote to get permission to give some kind of indication of this, perhaps in the next report? We all (for the most part) really don’t need much, just a little, just the plan that goes along with the promised 10 year sunset of the general funds.)


Well, if TF shut down bakers would that mean more rewards for bakers?

It would be cool if we used on chain governance to choose where those funds were delegated to so we could fund our favorite baker/project. I wonder if this could be possible.

We get nothing from the TF, as he says, only some sport sponsorship and LB is not even funded by TF is funded by us, and it was a fiasco. I rather use the subsidy to pay some real market makers to provide liquidity in major exchanges. But @murbard doesn’t like them, so it will not be done, when all major cryptocurrencies making huge gains do it. Instead, he thinks LB is an alternative, but it was a fiasco. But he won’t ever admit being wrong.

They have billions of dollars outside tezos ecosystem, yet they prefer to dump on us their XTZ. That’s all we get from them, dumping. And the fact they have to pseudo-mix their transactions, instead of just being transparent and sending to exchanges directly, makes me sick. Next time, i will set up my bot to notify me when the TF bakers send millions of XTZ to exchanges, so i dump with them.

They will never shut down their bakers, they love them, are money making machines that they pre-mined at genesis. Arthur said once that the @tezosfoundation were “stupid” that was the word he used (then later quickly edited the post and remove stupid) for the TF saying once they were going to shut down their bakers once the stability of the chain was ensured. Fortunately, Agora forum let me see the edits, Here is his edit:

So @murbard obviously doesn’t want that to happen ever, and now he is a member of the foundation, and he is the king, obviously.

Why would they give anything to you? It’s their money and they do what they wanna do

TF said they were moving funds to the DLS accounts, so it’s probably DLS/investors selling their tez, not TF

When do i say i want money from them? Stop your ad hominem there for a second.

Nope, DLS/investors were moved to a secure Coinbase custody service.

Instead, TF sent TEZ to major exchanges.

You said you get nothing from the TF, it implies you want something from them. By you I didn’t mean you personally, tez holders always want something from the TF, especially the charity contributors ;(

Looks like selling to me :man_shrugging:

There is a difference between “I and we” Nice try.

I’m baffled to see that there are still people that defending TF with tooth and nail. Here’s Luke, one of our greatest assets, saying goodbye, you guess it, because the TF with such a large treasury (even larger when they dump on us) doing basically nothing.

Sorry I’m not a native speaker and by you I meant plural you which is also you
Yeah, I want to defend TF because TF is just a tez holder like you and me,
selling is their way to help decentralization

Their way to help decentralization, is to turn off their bakers, which are no longer needed. And then sell if they want. But they love to take our baking rewards, and with those baking rewards dump on us, then they keep the money for themselves, and they do nothing with it. Just some fancy formula 1 sponsorship.

They don’t sell their BTC or ETH from ICO, they sell XTZ, because they know is more shitcoin than BTC.

@trolleps just out of curiosity, have you been vocal against the TF and AB once in your life? I have only seen you defending them with tooth and nail, without questioning them at all.

Nope, you know what custody is? Is Coinbase custody service, not the exchange.

Never, why would I be against them? I think they do great. The ecosystem is thriving
And I don’t want them to stop baking because if they do, you’ll get more rewards and dump

BS lol, but okey.

While Avalanche foundation gives hundreds of millions of incentives, we get this. Who are the good guys again?

Chad Avalanche launches $220 million of ADDITIONAL incentives, virgin Tezos market dumps xtz on loyal holders.

Oh that’s super interesting- has Luke said which L1’s he’ll be focusing on rather than Tezos?

@ZPE1333 Probably in any L1 that doesn’t tax the hodlers to fund the welfare state of blockchain aka failed liquidity baking, seriously, who invests in blockchain to be taxed by another government?, apparently only us.

And probably any L1 that their foundation truly support to hire real market makers and doesn’t dump on them like Ripple does periodically to their XRP hodlers.