🔥 Hot out of the Oven: 'The Baking Sheet' - Issue #159

:fire: Hot out of the Oven: ‘The Baking Sheet’ - Issue #159

This Week in the Tezos Ecosystem:

:arrow_right: Get Protocol’s NFT Revolution — 4 million+ blockchain tickets issued, disrupting the ticketing industry on the Tezos blockchain.

:arrow_right: Democratizing Real Estate with Fraktion — French platform tokenizing properties into security tokens on Tezos, with plans for DeFi integration.

:arrow_right: Tez/Dev 2023 Countdown — Prepare to connect, learn, and celebrate at the second annual TezDev Conference.

:arrow_right: TezAsia Hackathon 3.0 — Solve real-world problems and win prizes at this high-profile Tezos development event.

:arrow_right: MawaHub & Marigold Partnership — Advancing blockchain technology in the Mediterranean through strategic training programs.

:arrow_right: Tezos’ New On-Chain Registry — Encouraging communication, collaboration, and innovation in the ecosystem.

:arrow_right: Tezos Link Launch — Smartchain’s API simplifying dApp development on Tezos.