How are NFT of Tezos are superiour to the ones of other major blockchains?

Say, Ethereum and Solana. Perhaps, Cardano too, and Flow.

How are NFT of Tezos are superiour to NFT of these?

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Depending upon your definition of superiority, it is purely subjective. The only thing that is objective is the amount of adoption, usage, etc. which Tezos has seen quite a bit of in the NFT space recently. Of course not even near what Ethereum does, but still impressive nonetheless when taking into account the market cap of Tezos vs. Ethereum.

Iā€™m not asking about subjective experience, but about superiority of implementation, for Tezos NTS are implemented in a different way that Ethereum ones.

Ahh. I see. I do not have enough knowledge to answer that question well enough. Hopefully someone else can read this and be able to answer it.