Initiatives to increase economic activity on Tezos

These suggestions would massively increase economic activity on Tezos, by orders of magnitude, and as a secondary effect likely result in significant value accrual to XTZ.

-governance token for kolibri: community distro with undetermined proportions for specific actions- locking collateral in oven, minting KUSD, providing liquidity on Dexter

-governance token for Dexter: this is a big one, and the potential ramifications of this cannot be understated. We’re all familiar with what the uniswap gov token started in the ethereum ecosystem, an unstoppable wave of economic action that resulted in massive value accrual to eth. Tezos desperately needs Dexter to issue a governance token for the ecosystem to grow. With the relaunch, now is the perfect time. Every single day that passes without a Dexter gov token increases the probability that Tezos will be supplanted by it’s competitors and ultimately fail.

-curve like stable swap protocol, for now just a KUSD/USDtz pool on Dexter would suffice. This ensures pegs are kept, and even minor deviations are quickly arbed, drastically increasing trading volume and economic activity on Tezos. Just the value of the these increased metrics are incalculable.