Introducing InterPop: The Emerging Landscape of NFTs and Fandom

World, meet InterPop, a new subsidiary of TQ Tezos that’s harnessing the collective power of a team of veterans in the comics, gaming, and collectibles space to bridge the gap between fandom and blockchain communities.

Find out how they’re using advancements in Tezos NFTs (more accurately, clean NFTs) to create novel opportunities for collectors and gamers alike with the Emergents trading card game. But wait; there’s more! InterPop is also incorporating community governance into an original comic series set in the Emergents universe that empowers readers to help shape the narrative.

InterPop is changing what it means to be a fan — and they’re doing it on Tezos.

Read the announcement here: World, meet InterPop: The Emerging Landscape of NFTs and Fandom | by InterPop | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Excited to learn more? InterPop’s President and Publisher, Brian David-Marshall, will speak next Wednesday at TQuorum to tell the community more about the team and offer a glimpse at the exciting lineup of projects coming soon:

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