"Introduction to Tezos" Part 3. Tezos CLI

Last week we presented the first two lessons from the “Introduction to Tezos” training course on Tezos blockchain and ecosystem available in 3 languages (Russian, Ukrainian and English)

The course consists of 5 lessons, each of which covers one of the technology areas and today we will take a look on Tezos CLI!

Part 3 of the course covers the following topics:

– Deploy nodes
– Wallets / Baking / Delegation

Section: “Deploy Nodes” contains information about:

  1. Node usage in the dApp development sandbox
  2. Baking Node deployment for personal baking
  3. Deployment of Baker’s node for personal baking
  4. Tools used

The section “Wallets / Baking / Delegation” covers the following issues:

  1. Preparation and launch of the Baker
  2. The detailed process of baking and receiving awards
  3. Creating a wallet with Tezos CLI
  4. Wallet management
  5. Transactions
  6. RPC
  7. Signer