Is an equivalent to Storj/Tardigrade possible with Tezos?

Storj has the ability to act as a distributed file system using Tardigrade, and allows you to contribute storage and bandwidth in return for receiving Storj coins to your wallet.

I happen to have about 300TB of extra RAID 6 capacity here and 2x1Gb fiber w/redundant failover and load-balancing. I am playing around with putting it to use with Storj as a side-project, and it got me thinking as to whether or not something similar already exists on top of Tezos?

There are a few of us talking about a decentralized and distributed storage system called Kepler. It’d be based around the notion of data overlays known as “orbits,” which would permission access based on their keypair-based accounts, e.g., Tezos addresses. You could run a Kepler node and add several orbits to mirror or control with the proper permissions. People could pay you directly in any cryptoassets for access or storage, instead of you relying on untested cryptoeconomics to pay dividends in a volatile token or similar. I’ll be sure to update this thread with any progress on Kepler, but happy to chat about it anytime!


Thank you. This question originated on r/tezos, you may take a look there:

I am certainly interested in helping… I am new to Tezos, if there is a Discord or Telegram you can point me to for discussing these things it would be appreciated. I am already a member of some but want to make sure it’s the right ones!