Is XTZ money?

Can a cryptocurrency be successful without being money? I recall in 2017ish the etherium people using the meme “eth is money” continuously, and basically meme’d it into existence. Would the Tezos community benefit from solidifying the moneyness of XTZ?

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I would argue that ETH in it’s current form and current roadmap is not money.

It seems like from the roadmap and podcasts with Vitalik as a guest, it seems like ETH will be a settlement layer for layer 2 proofs.

With ETH having congestion from all these layer 2 proofs, it seems like it can never really be money since all ETH tokens will be fractured into different, non-compatible layer 2s unless you bridge.

It seems like ETH will be a computation consensus and settlement layer.

If XTZ goes down the same path, I don’t think we can call it money.

Just my humble opinion.

I would refer to XTZ and other cryptocurrencies as on-chain money that we buy with fiat. This intra-network money is needed primarily to pay for the services provided by the network. They can be compared with in-game money in online games.