January 20&27 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer during the week.

The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

  • How/how often does the TF collectively meet to discuss their vision and goals? What are the most recent? Are most contacts one on one about individually formulated ideas or is a collective effort?

  • Mr. Bonte - Has there been any thought into incorporating the Tezos Ecosystem into your work at Atomico such as STO’s or Tokenizing assets?

  • Mr. Haussmann - Do you envision the Tezos ecosystem having a place in accounting for major firms? Does the blockchain offer solutions for accountability and verification not currently in the field?

  • Ms. George - You have worked with a lot of emerging companies in the technological field. I’m sure you’ve seen successes and failures. Right now, is there anything that jumps out in reference to the current state of Tezos? What are some key indicators to success?

  • Mr. Madhavapeddy - Being a professor, what changes have you seen in the academic world towards Cryptocurrency. Do you ever lecture on blockchain, or more importantly, Tezos?

  • Mr. Masters - You have sold more oil stocks than anyone else… Any plans to tokenize the solar industry on the Tezos ecosystem and go for round two?

  • Mr. Wright - How difficult would it be to build something like Red Hat again using the Tezos Ecosystem? Would it be beneficial for you (or another company) to make the transition? Why or why not?

  • Mr. Thonhauser - You’ve dabbled in quite a bit globally, what peaks your interest when you think about how Tezos can be used globally to incorporate all the enterprises in which you are/have been involved? Have you started the process to move forward in any of the aforementioned fields on the Tezos ecosystem?

  • Mr. Sauter - With the legalities of cryptocurrencies constantly changing, what makes you confident that Tezos is positioned for success legally? How do you feel about the appointment of the first finance minister, Janet Yellen and how do you interpret her views?

  • Mr. Schnider - Under the current financial plan of the Tezos Foundation, does it account for the use of staking rewards earned by foundation bakers as a long term strategy? Do you plan ahead for if/when the ICO funds are depleted?

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These are amazing answers! Thank you for proposing and organizing them.