January 2022 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

Dear Tezos Community,

We’re happy to relaunch the Monthly questions for the Tezos Foundation!

Feel free to share your question here, and we’ll do our best to answer it shortly.

The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.


The real question here is are you going to actually answer all of the questions posted here, or will you simply ignore the ones that you don’t want to answer like you’ve done in the past (thus furthering people’s distrust in your transparency)? If you don’t want to answer a question, you should at least provide an explanation on why.

There are many questions still unanswered from your previous ‘monthly questions’ posts that you could start answering here to get things started.



I would assume there are certain questions that TF cannot answer for legal reasons, which also includes the reason why they’re not providing an explanation. I’m not saying every question that they do not answer means there are legal reasons why they don’t answer, but the fact that they are actually posting on here after a long hiatus, to me shows that it is a sign of good faith and instead of demonstrating animosity towards them, it might just be more productive to try to engage in conversation with them again. The way I see it, let’s try to start a new page and try to engage in dialogue instead of animosity.


Is there a place where we can see successful and failed/rejected grant requests, so that other users preparing grant proposals can see what has failed and what has worked in the past?

This knowledge could potentially help with the “funnel problem” Arthur mentions here, and would be a great addition to the Foundations docs related to grants (seen here)

I appreciate the biannual reports from the TF; however, from these reports it would seem as if the TF is gauging its success more of the volume and velocity of grants as opposed to the outcome of these grants.

Can we get reporting / updates on large grant recipients on some regular basis? E.g., if the biannual report comes out in months 6 and 12 in a given year, perhaps a separate biannual report in months 3 and 9 on progress so far?

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How’s the USDC integration coming along?

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Hello @noodlestomatojuice

Thank you for your question.

Approved grants are only visible in the biannual reports at this time.

The Foundation is continually working to improve the grants process and increase the ease and functionality of the applications’ process. Rejected grant proposals are not made public to respect applicants’ privacy and the project’s confidentiality.

Best regards,

The Tezos Foundation

Hello @spinning_plates

Thank you for your question.

The biannual reports provide insights and an overview of the Foundation’s grant, investing and sponsorship activities.

The Foundation works closely with all grantees to ensure milestones are met. While this work is largely behind the scenes, grantees, large and small, are encouraged by the Foundation to regularly provide updates on project development through social and owned channels. The Foundation is looking at more ways to keep community members updated on grantee progress at more regular intervals throughout the year beyond the biannual report.

Best regards,

The Tezos Foundation

Hello @spinning_plates

USDC announced the integration of Tezos in 2021. The integration is still pending and the Foundation encourages community members to direct concerns to the Circle USDC team and Centre.

Best regards,

The Tezos Foundation

Spruce received a grant from the TF, but they are actually working on an Ethereum login system.

What is TF doing regarding these situations?

  1. The current bi annual report only mentions grants to the ecosystem. However it was mentioned TF also invests in projects.

→ Could the report also include these numbers?

  1. I have been desperately trying to reach to blokhaus twice over the last 4 months, and did not get an answer. I was contacting reid.yager@blokhaus.io (email that was given in an announcement).
  • Does blokhaus still work with tezos?
  • What’s the best address to contact them? I am uploading community feedback on tezos.com, I think its blokhaus responsibility (since it was TQTezos that now is blokhaus?)
  1. Could we get a community manager and that we can ask for updates and give feedback?
    Also, if he could do some project management.
    For example the community managed to get the ball rolling with sapling, we had to use every channel possible (telegram, reddit, twitter, private contacts), everywhere to move it forward, it’s not nice to proceed this way. A role between core dev/TF/community could be great

  2. Any plans for a big defi hackaton? so far we see 200k$ hackaton with despite some good applications, there is a 0% conversion rate to make it to a dapp on tezos, how will that change?


And another one

  1. Blokhaus mentioned during last AMA (in May I believe) they are tracking metrics to measure the success of the campaigns, like site visits etc.
    Could we get a report on these numbers? How does it compare to tezos competitors (avax, fantom, algo etc)?
    And what is their plan for the next 6 months?

@tezosfoundation, I completely understand that you can’t make unsuccessful grant proposals entirely public. But if there is a “funnel” issue like Arthur says, can we not do more to help guide our community so that the Foundation receives higher quality grant applications?

It seems like a very quick way to get higher quality grant applications would be to give potential applicants an example of a “good” application and a “bad” application, even if they are just examples.

Cool to have this kind of “AMA” - I hope it will happen on a regular basis.
My questions:

  1. What is the status quo with Tezos Opensea Integration? It was announced a year ago, Opensea got several funding rounds and integrated other chains but no Tezos yet. Last I read in summer 2021 was that TF is in close contact with opensea. Is it still happening? Do they need to pay back the grant?

  2. Did TF reached out initially to Opensea for a Tezos integration? If thats the case would TF consider to reach out to other services like Nansen, Messari or Zapper fi to make a deal and integrate Tezos? Top analytic services are missing big time on tezos.

  3. Do you have some kind of roadmap or milestones planned for 2022 - that you can share with the community?

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Another question:

Coinbase NFT marketplace - does TF plan to make a deal to integrate Tezos NFTs on Coinbase like they did with Opensea a year ago?

I have another question, are you guys planning on answering any more questions after responding to that one guy and telling him to go ask circle? You guys have went silent and mia for a few days now @tezosfoundation

I have a question about diversity. 7/9 of your board are white men; 1 out of 9 board members are non-male. The entire executive committee is white men (3/3). 5/6 of the Investment committee are white men. 4/5 of the Audit committee are white men. The entire Technical Advisory Committee is male. To sum – overall, there are 23 individuals listed as part of the Tezos Foundation. 2 are non male - 8%. About 70% white.

This is an astonishing lack of diversity! Nearly entirely white, nearly entirely men.

If Tezos is truly going to succeed as ‘sound money’ it is imperative it is adopted in an equitable manner. Money doesn’t just work for white men, it needs to work equally for everyone. The world is an incredibly diverse place. How can the Tezos Foundation accurately understand the diverse needs of the world when its governance is so lacking in diversity? How is the Tezos Foundation reaching into underrepresented and underserved groups for whom decentralization and other properties offered by blockchain are crucial for overcoming culturally systemic challenges? Ignoring swathes of the world’s populous does not aid Tezos in reaching its goals for mass adoption.

I’d like to hear a clear response from the TF on their understanding of the importance of diversity, an explanation for their laughable diversity, and a clear action plan to creating a diverse Foundation to represent the diverse needs of the world for the equitable financial system which Tezos is striving to lead. And no, citing ‘diverse investments’ doesn’t count. Representation counts. Leadership counts.

Source: Tezos Foundation - About Us

Edit: for those flagging, I ask you a simple question - why is diversity not important for a foundation whose expressed goal is " …social, political and economic innovation on a global scale."?


What are some things that the Tezos Foundation wants to be better or more effective at? Is there anything that we as a community could do to help facilitate more good-faith discussions and debates?

These positions are with prejudice dishonesty. These politics are designed to divide and destroy. It is manipulation, is hurtful.

Dear Tezos Foundation, please do not communicate with them! The author may be innocent and ignorant. That’s why I don’t blame him.

TF’s a swiss based foundation, not a US based, people are hired because of their skills here, not because of color of their skin or type of their genitalia
Diversity of ideas matters, not diversity of skin, it’s just racist