Layer 2 dApp support funding

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The grant was a test to see if the rumors were true. If speaking out against Arthur would cause you to lose your grant. I met all KPI’s in my original grant, and even exceeded them to a large extent.

From the moment Arthur posted this on reddit I realized what was happening and have spoken out against it ever since.

FYI my post today has nothing to do with any of this, I’m just bringing up an issue that I have seen pop up over the Tezos ecosystem the past couple of months that I don’t see him, or the foundation addressing. If no one builds on the L2 its a huge waste of core developer funding. So can we address how we will get dapps like Plenty, Tezotopia, Madfish suite,, youves the funding they need to build on this amazing new tech?

If any dapps are receiving funding or building on it, I want to know more about it and how the progress is going. I don’t see any twitter posts or articles about progress.

I may be completely wrong in my assumptions here, and if I am I’ll take the verbal beating you and Jarrod are likely to give me.

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No, I think the idea you guys finally came up with worked really well. Ghostnet has accomplished what it set out to accomplish. I commend you both.

Regarding this, I was annoyed when Arthur accused me of “forking” Tezos when I was just trying to bring more light to the issue. I didn’t care about how it got done, and was just looking for ideas and support. I even said that in the initial agora post. I think you saying I was a “blocker” for the project is a bit of an overstatement. I would have loved to help with Ghostnet, but Nicholas ghosted me after Arthurs comment. I’m assuming it was because he was afraid to associate with me because Arthur marked me as a “bad actor”. It is what it is.

No one will debate with you when you make such outlandish statements as:

I would hate to see this new tech go to waste like the zksnark pools did. Millions down the drain :sob::cry:

There is a sapling discussion going on litteraly this week, with people sharing recent developments and ideas. You are not taking measure of what’s happening in the open. Then you are claiming that nothing is happening and money is wasted.

If you speak out against Arthur, or argue with what he says, you will lose your grant.

There are 10 people sitting in the foundation technical committee, just go check the biannual report. You don’t have a clue how they deliberate. (neither do I). When my company applied for grants, I had multiple interlocutors. They are driven and opinionated people. You are disparaging them with your claims.


Sapling was introduced in 2019, and there is a meeting going on this week. Imagine we get the layer 2 tech in the Mumbai upgrade, and we start having meetings in 2025/2026 to discuss funding projects and development idea’s(after many projects have failed or left tezos).

Maybe it is time for disparaging.

In the link you referred to, it even mentions the points I make here, and only three comments. Wasted tech and core development time/money. Can we put some of that sponsorship money towards funding our dApps so they can attract users? If we don’t have VC’s on Tezos due to Arthur’s philosophy, the foundation should do more to help out, and not be spending so much outside of the ecosystem.

I’m not actually expecting anything to come out of this thread. Just hoping it sparks an idea in someones head who has the ability to change things. As they are now, things are looking bleak. Millions on failed sponsorships, millions on core dev work that doesn’t even have a use case(its amazing dev work, don’t get me wrong). Its time to focus on the end user experience, not just cool tech. If the cool tech doesn’t reach the end user what is the point? If millions is spent on marketing with no KPI’s, what is the point?

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Not all dapps need the crazy throughput that L2s offer. For those which don’t need it, incentivizing them to migrate to a L2 would be a bad idea.

L2s are a solution for a problem which we don’t yet have. There is little reason to expect most of the dapps to migrate to L2s in the near future so the current focus is more on attracting new developers in need for throughput. We also need to get ready for the day the chain will saturate and existing dapps will want to migrate to L2. In particular we want to make it cheaper for them to migrate by supporting Michelson in smart rollups.

“L2s are a solution for a problem which we don’t yet have” - yeah, could have focused on the issues we do have, but it is what it is.

What dApps do you think would benefit the most from L2’s that are on Tezos now? I’m thinking, gaming apps such as Tezotopia, and gambling dapps such as Tezos degen club could more easily attract a user base with lower block time. Defi could as well, but the 15 second block time coming in a few months should be fine.

What meeting are you talking about?

Please tell me what other issues could have the Core team put their focus on? Maybe instead of whining and posting bs statements you put your money where your mouth is and start contributing too? And no your cringe videos are not meant by that.

And are you really expecting people to take you serious with such statements or videos like the newest one you did? One can tackle such topics in a constructive way with criticism but this aint it.

You are argumenting is a bit like a mumble rap, throwing in everything together and mumbling around.
What does wasted tech mean? Please tell me

Yes sure we need the TF too support/encourage gambling dapps so lawsuits can come fly in. LOL you know that this is a very regulated field and in most countries ilegal without license? Dont get me wrong TDC is a great dapp but expecting the foundation to support such kind of dapps is delusional.

There are painpoints in the Tezos ecosystem but your approach - constantly mixing up facts and the fixation on TF and Arthur wont help here

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Indeed no app on tezos rn needs an L2 but it’s easier to get ready for adoption when you already have an app that is widely used and utilises the tech, it might help polish UX, find bugs and all that,
things tend to happen spontaneously, hic et nunc came out of nowhere, we might see viral app that requires L2 but fixing stuff when there’s a strong need for L2 might be tough, especially if it requires a protocol change
not sure if any nft market on tezos has an ongoing grant from TF but it’d be nice if say objkt launched an L2 version of their app
I have no idea how much it costs to rework an app for L2 but a deploying cost of 10_000 tez doesn’t seem like a big deal

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I explained the issues clearly in the video. Many people have texted me saying I hit the nail on the head.

I’ve stated several solutions in the past, however I reposted many of them on Twitter today.

You literally threw away the point of what I was saying and focused on the small details. Same thing Arthur does. Focus on the big picture and how it all fits together. TDC was just an example I was using.

Agreed but the issue is, how are they going to onboard dapps to the L2 to get proper testing if most of the dApps are broke and can’t afford developing on the L2. Just having the Tezos core development isn’t enough. We need someone with $$$ to be proactive and paying for dApp integration. It should not be coming out of Jarrods pocket money. The foundation should be the proactive ones here. It’s literally their job.

life is much easier if you take TF out of the equation
you probably don’t need that many apps on l2 to test it, one that is used might be enough

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funding is much harder if you take the TF out of the equation :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be easy for them to host a hackathon and best L2 middle/front end gets a prize. Open source it.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, feedback from early rollup adopters is absolutely crucial for their success! If you want to try smart rollups, now is the perfect time and mondaynet is the perfect place. Don’t wait for Mumbai to be injected and Mumbainet to be launched because it will be much harder to fix bugs by then.


yes, but how are we going to attract high paid developers to monday net with 50k grants? they are going to go to FAANG or any of the other blockchains that offer competitive pay. Especially when they see the foundation paying millions to Redbull, McLaren, NY mets, etc, and giving ecosystem grants of 50k. The reputation of Tezos is terrible because of the horrible structure of these grants and the Tezos foundation. They ARE the money behind Tezos, we don’t have VC’s because they think Tezos is a ghost chain.

Hi all. Tech lead for Deku here. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter and in Tezos Commons interviews, if you have an application or an idea for an application that could benefit from Deku’s value props (low latency, high throughput, WebAssembly, fast withdraws), the best thing would be to get in touch with me directly.

As of recent weeks we have released some documentation and example apps. These apps show you can do lots already. However, there are still rough edges. I offer support from myself and the Deku team in exchange for toleration of those rough edges and feedback on the developer experience.

I’m readily available on Tezos Discord and Slack, and I occasionally even check Twitter DM’s.


Thank you for the information.

Can companies and projects contract you guys directly for dApp integration? Also, do you know of a way they can apply for a grant to use you? Many Tezos dapps are downsizing their spending, but it would be nice to have a few good dapps using Deku before we head out of the recession. Talking around, funding seems like the biggest blocker. Would be great to have a mini-grant fund setup where you can pick through applicants and then help them build.

Hey Daniel, I have an idea that (I think) sounds pretty cool. I know you’ve got in some games in it (Pokémon I think), curious if you’ve thought of a turn-based strategy game (ie Civilization or Age of Empires)? I have a bunch of ideas and utilities a L2 could provide for this - as well as ways to positively impact the Tezos ecosystem.