Let's get ready to roll! Jakarta is coming to Tezos mainnet next week

Dear Bakers and node operators!

The Jakarta protocol activates on Tezos mainnet on June 28th! Please, remember to update your infrastructure to Octez v13.0 / TezEdge v3!

The Octez baker daemon for Jakarta, tezos-baker-013-PtJakart, requires a mandatory command line flag to set up the baker’s default Liquidity Baking toggle vote value:

--liquidity-baking-toggle-vote <vote>

It also provides an optional --votefile <file> flag intended to be used to declare the path for a JSON file encoding the baker’s voting preference and which, if present, overrides the default value set by the earlier --liquidity-baking-toggle-vote flag.

More details in the Liquidity Baking documentation.

To find out more about what Jakarta is bringing to the table (TORUs, Merkle Proofs, repaying Michelson’s technical debt, Ticket improvements, etc.), here you have a few suggested reads:

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Also coming with Jakarta: spring-cleaning the Michelson interpreter

Adding Merkle Proofs to Tezos

Running Rollup Node to test TORU on Jakartanet

And of course, the main Jakarta entry in the docs!

If you are still unsure about what needs to be done on your end, feel free to reach out to us on the Tezos baking Slack or to contact Nomadic Labs’ support team.