LIKE WATER NFT Art Award | An award organized by akaSwap

LIKEWATER NFT Art Award has taken place since 2022, organized by akaSwap, Taiwan Art & Technology Association, Taiwan Creative Content Agency, and several academic institutions. The award has centered around Earth Day, inviting artists to create artworks on the topic of “peace,” “sustainability," “environment,” etc. We invite several experts in digital art to serve as judges, providing winners with incentive prizes. Let’s review some of the winners in 2022 and 2023👇.

The special prize in 2022 went to Resonance, Like Water created by newyellow. Owners’ wallet balance numbers were converted into different sound waves and formed a melody with other owners. Each owner needs to adjust their wallet balance to cooperate with others for a harmonious sound. It might be a hassle, but peace will not happen automatically.

A Glimpse and The Eternity created by NatalieJ was one of the 2nd prizes in 2022. It represents sustainability of time and environment using algorithms to produce flowing water, incessantly shaping new expansions and landscapes. Whalefall created by the author was one of the third prizes, echoing water’s “good for all things without fighting” with whale’s fall.


For the second year of LIKEWATER, we defined 3 groups for submissions including Static Group, Dynamic Group, and Public Welfare Group. Public Welfare Group encourages not only artists but also organizations/institutions to participate. One example was nowhere bookstore, which minted 100 editions of membership cards for their members. One of award-winning works in the Dynamic Group is Google’s Poem - china is motha fuckin produced with Google Cantonese input tool, a product of AI and big data. The text in the work reflects the mind of the author, at the same time that of the Cantonese population. Most of the works in the Static Group echo the theme “environment.” One of award-winning works WaterFall is generated with AI, showing the imagery of the earth melting with plenty of water falling from the earth like a waterfall because of global warming.


The theme of the third LIKE WATER NFT Art Award will be “Flow and Confluence,” accepting submissions from April 22 to June 12, 2024. Following the previous, the groups include Static Group, Dynamic Group, and Public Welfare Group. Refer to the image below in terms of the prizes. All submissions will be evaluated by a professional judging panel.

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