Looking for some help to develop app for sharing art on Twitter/X

Hi, I’m Greg (new here; first time posting),

I’m trying to build an app in my spare time that will automatically post art daily that I’ve collected/created on Tezos to Twitter/X. My coding skills are pretty limited (to say the least), though I am familiar with some basics of Python, so I’ve been using ChatGPT to help develop the script. Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag there (see attached screen cap of ChatGPT generated response) and am wondering if there’s a gracious soul present who would like to help (when convenient, of course, no rush).

Ultimately, the goal here is to create an app that can be shared with the community for free to make it easier for artists and collectors to share their NFTs. I’ve personally found that the best way to discover new artists is through other artists that I follow, or even scrolling through the collections of collectors who share my taste in art, and I’d like to try and figure out a way to make that process easier for the community at large.

(apologies if this is the wrong place to post this topic; I’m not sure but I don’t think this would qualify as a dapp, per se?)

Thanks, G.

ChatGPT will help you with 1 & 2. Don’t think of blockchain until you finish 1 & 2.

  1. Make a twitter bot that posts on a schedule

  2. Connect twitter bot to an API of any sort

  3. Once you are there, use the TZKT or objkt API, and craft a query that gives you the NFTs you want. It seems like you want to sort chronologically and just post the latest ones. ChatGPT will not save you here.

  4. Then plug in the tezos API to your script and transform the data into a tweet.

  5. Run a small server (Free tier on amazon?) and upload your script into it.

I believe in you :smiley:

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Thank you I will do my best!