Lost ICO password

Hi all,

There is a group of about 200 + of us who are not able to retrieve the ICO funds due to lost passwords. I am launching this topic to see if there are any of the core developers on this group who can pottentially help us with suggesting a solution to invoke a governance change in order to recover our lost funds. Most of us can verify everything around the transaction except the password. This can be long term solition but I wanted to start a thread to be considered. Any help would be much appreciated it!


Great initiative. I am in the same boat. I would love if one of the core developers can help us with a proposal/ solution to this issue.

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Where does that number of 200+ come from?

There is about 250 members in a telegram group which daily try to help each other with various tools such as John the ripper. Let’s say 50 are there are simply there to help us out. They leave us with roughly 200 folks which can’t locate their password. Rough estimate but it’s a good one.

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There is a telegram group with 247 participants which daily try to help each other set up John the ripper and other tools. Let’s say roughly 47 are there to help us out and already have their ICO finds recovered. Rough calculation would make it that roughly 200 of us still are not able to access the funds.

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I totally support this, as I have no other way to recover my funds. It’s a 35 chars random password…


Yes I’m also in this group and thankful to all those who are trying to help us retrieve our passwords. I think it would be great if someone from Tezos developers would realize that there was never not even a hint that we will need this ICO password and how important this password was. There was so much notifications and instructions for the 15 words mnemonic and the rest of the keys, but never something said about the ICO password being of importance. This was not something most people would imagine, and it is rather unfair that there is no effort to help us just from an ethical point of view.

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I am one of the members of the Tezos XTZ Recovery group. I along with a few others have had a good success rate with helping people recover their passwords. Many of the people we talk with were unaware that it was necessary to keep their password. For many of them thought that the PDF was all that they needed. The “Private Key” was there and they had seed words to recover from.

The good news is that most people are very bad at creating secure passwords. We help people setup the tools and guide them to recover their own password. If you need assistance, we are here to help.

Here is a guide I wrote for Windows Users and for Mac Users. You can also check out a tool I wrote to make it easier for Windows users, along with other tools on my GitHub page. We also have several commits to John the Ripper to make the Tezos ICO password cracking process easier and better.

I will never ask you for your seed words or other private information. By keeping that information secure and by running the tools on an offline computer, the password recovery process is safe and secure.


Yes I’m also in this group

As for today the number is 347 .
Group name in Telegaram is “Tezos XTZ Recovery”

Same boat. Do you guys think a governance change is feasible?