Lower the amount of possible injections of proposals by a baker

I think it would be good to lower the number of proposals per baker in the first phase.
Like any baker can inject 3-5 different proposals. With that, we can get rid of spamming the process.


20 is the optimal number. I say this idea is not good.

It limits the system too much.

You already spammed this election with your 18 bogus proposals. Do you have nothing better to do?


@Sebuh_Honarchian you are the prime example of why this is needed.

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I understand why you feel it is needed.
Maybe we can compromise and go for 10?

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Ill find the code to change and inject it if youd like. But it would probably need to be the next cycle.

Master Number 22.

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So when H rolls around we can have a second code proposal that has H + Reduce Injection Cap to 10.
And a counter proposal Increase Injections cap to 30.

Might as well provide options.

The point is to defend against robotic attacks, not human attacks like yours :alien:

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Did you propose #22 for this ?

Can you link the source.

Spamming the chain with proposals will not work whether the limit is 20 or 5 per baker. If anything, this would actually encourage more comradery and cooperation between bakers.

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Yes the next step of the real world onchain governance test is to attempt what is called Vote Splitting.

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He finally found out how to inject a proposal and then played around with it like a little kid.

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Would it also be possible to lower the bow tie limit for bakers to zero?


Rofl that’s a good one man.

You don’t like the bow tie?