Idea for improving the way baking rights are assigned: Liquid Proof of Stake/Governance Responsibility. The responsibility part would mean, that participation in voting during protocol governance cycles would be used as a weight on top of the stake of a baker. So this would make it not LPoS, but “LPoS/GR”.


This is what i was proposing not long time ago.

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Agreed, there must be some disincentive for bakers not voting. We don’t want everyone to vote yey automatically but we also don’t want a baker to become so inactive that the only thing he does is pay stakers. Eventually this will lead to baker not updating binaries and at the end of the day the stakers get affected badly and form a bad opinion about Tezos.

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Yes, but bakers would need to vote YAY or NAY in order to get that voting weight / full staking reward weight, voting pass should not be considered by the algorithm because voting pass is basically saying you don’t care.

This will also effectively lower TF power, since they always vote pass, and have to vote pass for legal reasons.

https://twitter.com/phannguyentr/status/1339391106111295488 Another reason why we might need this.