Make On-Chain Governance votes mandatory

Hi all, my name is Eli and I’m the owner of Tez Blocks bakery.

Every vote period me and some other bakers send posts out on X, urging bakers to vote. We do this because we care about Tezos and its advancement in technology.

I propose to make voting mandatory and the removal of the quorum.
Just as with baking blocks, taking part in on-chain Governance is a bakers responsibility.
If a bakers bakes blocks the wrong way, they risk punishment by being slashed, so why not for voting aswell, except not as harsh.

My suggestion,
First if a baker doesn’t vote in the process, they should get punished. The punishment should be equal for bakers of all sizes. This can be done by removing 1 block reward per roll they own.
Example, if 10 bakers didn’t vote, with a total of 90 rolls, then about 900xtz will be gathered.

Second part, These 900xtz should be distributed to participating bakers according to their stake.

Positive side.

  1. It will create incentives in both sides, first avoiding to getting punished, and secondly being rewarded by the punished bakers.

  2. There will be no extra issuance of coins.
    If everyone votes, no xtz gets collected and no rewards get distributed.

  3. If everyone votes, the vote power of all bakers gets dilluted

Counter arguments,

  1. Forcing bakers to vote will lead to random votes.
    PASS vote exists for this reason

Please discuss with respect.

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