Make Tezos L1 EVM compatible....?

The Brave Wallet allows users to transact in “almost any crypto asset,” supporting all chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, including Polygon, xDai, Avalanche and others

Missing great opportunities again for not being EVM compatible…

Can we change this with a protocol update and make it compatible with EVM? Serious question.

It’s feasible in theory but quite complex in practice. I guess that for wallet integration we would not only want EVM smart contracts on Tezos but also a way to wrap any Tezos asset (tez and any FA1.2 or FA2 token) inside an ERC20 interface. To build such wrappers we would need communication between the EVM and the Michelson contracts and that’s the really difficult task.

IMO, wrapping Tezos assets in ERC20 interfaces is much simpler to do offchain.

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